About Me


Texas born and raised, LaTimberly Johnson is a multi-faceted fashion designer with 9 years work experience. Professional experiences include high end & contemporary brands such as VPL and Emilio De La Morena. While at these companies she worked on sportswear/rtw, sweaters, swim, outerwear and intimates. She has also been able to pave a way for herself in the mass market and bridge worlds by working at private label companies such as LF USA and Orange International. She is currently designing Men's and Women's Intimates for multiple brands including,  Loulette Lingerie, an American-made lingerie and loungewear company. 

Day to day includes market & trend  research, hand illustrations, cads, creating graphics and embroidery layouts, techpacks, linesheets, sewing, fittings, pattern development,  direct communication with factories and and buyers. 

Contact Info:  LaTimberlyJohnson@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact with any inquiries & a copy of her resumé.



       - Cut & Sew Knit Tops

       - Athleisure Tops & Bottom

       - Knit & Lace Dresses

       - Lingerie

       - Loungewear

       - Swimwear

       - Men's Underwear & Lounge


       - Living in Brooklyn, New York

       - Traveling to Ireland, Spain & Portugal

       - Binging Sex and the City...AGAIN

       - Shopping anything vintage

       - Learning Browzwear

       - Loving Classic Movies

       - Enjoying volunteering with FastFeetNyc


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